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Put In Bay Parasail
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 Frequently Asked Questions   
  • Do I take off and land in the water?
    No. You are lifted off the flight platform on the back of the boat in a seated position and land on the flight platform on your feet.

  • Do I get wet?
    Since you take off and land on the boat you will get wet only if you want to get dipped in the water during your ride.

  • What should I wear?
    You can wear anything you like. Harness straps go around your legs and a waist belt around your waist. You only get wet if you want a dip with your ride.

  • Do I have to know how to swim?
    No. Although it's a very good idea since you will be participating in a watersport. Everyone who parasails must wear a life vest.

  • Can I fly tandem with another person?
    Tandem flights depend on the wind and wave conditions of that particular day and the weight of the participants. Most days we can fly 300 lbs. Ideal conditions we can safely lift 400 lbs.

  • Should I make a reservation?
    We take reservations in person or online. Come down and see us early in the day to make sure you get a spot if you don't book online.

  • I'm staying on the island for a couple of days. When should I go parasailing?
    Don't wait until your last day to come parasailing with us, it might rain that day. If you have a nice day, better jump on it. After all we're talking about Lake Erie weather.

  • Do I need experience?
    No experience is needed. We will give you instructions on the boat. Basically you sit back and enjoy the ride. The sail will fly itself.

  • I'm not parasailing but I want to ride on the boat to watch. Can I come on the boat?
    Coast Guard regulations only allow 6 passengers on the boat for each trip. Paying customers get first priority.

  • We have a small child so they don't count as a person. We're going to bring them on the boat to watch.
    Wrong Muchacho. The Coast Guard doesn't care about your age. A passenger is a passenger. We can only take 6.

  • Will you open if it's raining?
    We can't fly in the rain. If it clears up we'll open up. The wind can also shut us down. If it's excessively windy we must shut down.

  • Do you rent jet skis?
    We don't rent jet skis.